Water Management Structure of the Ancient Tamils

பழந்தமிழரின் நீர் மேலாண்மைக் கட்டமைப்பு

Keywords: Ancient Tamils, Water Management, Lakes, Ponds, Wells, Rainwater Harvesting


Water management involves proper utilization of collected rainwater, augmentation of ground water through various water bodies, construction of reservoirs of the right size with check dams, etc. In ancient times, not only the king but also the people were well versed in the thinking and activities related to water management. Since water is the source of life on earth, scientists continue to study whether other planets have the same water resources as they do on earth. Why is this tragedy in our India, which has been flagged off on the world stage by many amazing scientific structures such as water management? Is it because we have ignored the dramatic scientific evidence of the way of life that the forefathers left behind for us as useless old things? Aren’t the ancient Tamil scientific structures a great guide for us to improve our human life and to have a cultured social relationship? With their help, let us once again proclaim to the world that our Bharat is a great power forever.

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