Tragedy Stories Spilling Over into Family Relationships: Discourses on the Tamil Novel Bhagalathamma

குடும்ப உறவுகளில் கசிந்திடும் துயரக் கதைகள்: பாக்களத்தம்மா நாவலை முன்வைத்துச் சொல்லாடல்கள்

  • N Murugesapandian Former Professor, Department of Library and Information Science, Ganesar College of Arts and Science, Melasivapuri, Pudukottai District, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Tamil Novel, Review, Puliyur Murugesan, Bagalathamma, Family Relation, Contradictions in Male-Female Relationship


Puliyur Murugesan has a unique purpose to bind the family in the life of Tamils, where the belief that the institution of the family is sacred has penetrated deeply, and to identify the pains and crises embedded in it and narrate them into stories. The world of men in crisis to conform to the values imposed by the family is detailed in the novel. While thinking, the question arises as to who needs a family? Is it a man? Or a woman? Any organization is created due to social need in one way or another. However, over time the system weakens when it is challenged by internal conflicts. The narrative of the novel Bhagalathamma unfolds in the language of a man struggling in family relationships, creating new replicas in reading.

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