Natrinaiyil Kurunthozhilgal

நற்றிணையில் குறுந்தொழில்கள்

Keywords: Sangam Literature, Micro-Industries, Natrinai, Literature, Criticism, Professions


The Sangam literature sings with nature as the backdrop to express the feelings and desires of the Tamils. The people divided their habitat into five types of land and carried out the occupation of the land. Human beings who lived as nomads began to live together many years later. The man gave priority to labour. If the country is to prosper, the economy of the country needs to prosper. The development of various industries is also essential for the prosperity of the country. Agriculture was the main occupation during the Sangam period. In addition, domestic and foreign trade also took the lead in economic growth. In addition to this, weaving, rearing cattle, pottery making, flower selling, etc., brought daily income to the people. The purpose of this article is to study such micro-industries.

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