Existence of Muslim Women Narration of the Irandam Jamangalin Kathai

இசுலாமிய மகளிரின் “இருத்தல்”: இரண்டாம் ஜாமங்களின் கதை வழிப்புரிதல்

Keywords: Islamic Novel, Marginalized, Islamic Women, Homeless Women, Destitute Women, Divorced Women


Early Islamic innovation was largely focused on the lives of religious people. Lebbais and fishers, Neo muslims living in the basement – Margins of this site peas. So far no comprehensive work has been produced on the life of the people classified as women. Contemporary creators are addressing this shortcoming. Salma”s works can also be identified in that order. Since the creator Salma is a woman, her works are centered on the world of women. This article examines the presence of women in one of the works, the novel of the Irandam Jamangalin Kathai.

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