Eyini : A Study of a Poet Name

எயினி : புலவர் பெயர் ஆய்வு

Keywords: Kuramagal, Peaimagal, Eyini, Kalavealvi, Thinai Mayakkam


One of the most important concepts expressed in the Sangha literature is ‘five land’ division. If we take this five-land division as ‘evolutionary development’, it seems that people must have migrated from Kurinji to Mullai to Marutham. So the question arises whether the leader who was a hunter in Kurinji becomes an Ayan in Mulla. Therefore, it cannot be said with certainty that he is the one who belongs to this land. The purpose of this article is to examine this with the names of three feminist poets. The fact that their names unite the two Lands that shows the land division was divided by the later poets according to their convenience.

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