A Re-reading of Pa. Visalam’s Novel Mellak Kanwai Mellappazhanganawai

மறு வாசிப்பில் பா. விசாலத்தின் “மெல்லக் கனவாய் பழங்கதையாய்” நாவல்

Keywords: Tamil Novel, Criticism, Pa.Visalam, Mellakkanawaiymellappazhaganawai Novel, Marxicism, Feminicism


Mellak Kanavai Palanganavai’ novel has displayed a strong political field. The novel tries to portray through history that the importance of Marxist politics in Indian political history. It has recorded women’s positions in gender politics and the micro-politics seen through it. The novel discusses the social concern, bravery and political involvement of a woman living in an average family from 1935 to 1975. Pa.Visalam has written the heroine as a woman with a heart who strives to speak openly about her political experiences. But, she has said everything in a veiled manner.

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