Multifaceted Perspective in ‘Santhana Thoni’

சந்தனத் தோணி தமிழ்க் கவிதைத் தொகுப்பில் பன்முகப் பார்வை

Keywords: ‘Santhana Thoni’, Multifaceted Perspective, Tamil Poetry, Malaysian Literature


This study is based on the multifaceted view of the collection of Tamil poetry ‘Santhana Thoni’. In ‘Santhana Thoni’ an anthology of Tamil poetry, the poems are classified into six sub-titles. Based on this, the purpose of this study is to examine the multifaceted perspective expressed by the poet in his poetry. This study was carried out in a qualitative approach. The data for this review was handled in a library research approach. This research has been carried out in a descriptive approach using books, research articles, etc. Suitable for this type of library research. A total of five viewpoints have been identified and presented in this study based on a multifaceted perspective.Through this study we can know that there is a multifaceted perspective in the poetry collection ‘Santhana Thoni’.

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