Development of the Veena

வீணையின் வளர்ச்சி நிலை

  • S Swaminathan Research Scholar, Tamilnadu Govt. Music College, Thiruvaiyaru, Tamil Nadu, India
  • A Srividya Associate Professor, Tamilnadu Government Music College, Thiruvaiyaru, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Fine Art, Veena, Music, Musical Instruments, String Instrument, Leather Instrument, Wind Instrument, Metal Instrument


In the 64 Ayakalas, music is regarded as one of the fine arts. It has the power to harmonize. Music has caste and religion. There is no racial discrimination. It has the power to unite people of all religions. Music has been integral to human life since the beginning of the world. That is, man travels as a lullaby at birth and with the way of life, child songs, ritual songs, business songs, love songs, philosophical songs, devotional songs and finally lamentations. Musical instruments have been instrumental in the development of this distinct musical art. There are innumerable instruments in South Indian music. These instruments are classified as nerve instruments, leather instruments, wind instruments and metal instruments. All these instruments have evolved over time in terms of their shape and readability. One of the stringed instruments, the Veena, which has a divine significance, has also undergone many stages of development even today. This article is presented under the heading “Development of the Veena”.

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