The Relations between Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia in Ancient and Medieval History Period (Historical Review)

பண்டைக்கால இடைக்கால வரலாற்றில் இலங்கைக்கும் தென்கிழக்காசியாவுக்கும் இடையிலான வரலாற்றுத் தொடர்புகள்

  • Chrisdina Nirojini Mosasrupan Lecturer, Department of History, Faculty of Arts and Culture, Eastern University, Sri Lanka
Keywords: Sri Lanka, South East Asia, Culture, Ancient, Medieval, History


Sri Lanka had political, economic, socio-cultural ties with Southeast Asia since the earliest times. Vijayabahu I, Parakramabahu I and Parakramabahu II are associated with a major impact of culture in Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Vijayam and Burma. The relations between these countries are examined through reliable evidence. The research question is 'What connections between Sri Lanka and South East Asia at ancient and medieval historic periods?'. Archaeological evidences, and foreign references are important in revealing the history of a society. Based on this, the main purpose of this study is to explore the historical relations between Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka in ancient and medieval history. Historical research methods are going to be utilized to compile data based on evidence. Primary data for this study are inscriptions, Mahavamsa, The Chulavamsa, The Rajavalya etc.  Secondary data are books related to relations of both regions, articles published in journals and information from the web. However, the lack of reliable historical evidence in both areas is a challenge during this study.

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