Tamils in Southeast Asian Countries and Their Cultural Elements

தென்கிழக்கு ஆசிய நாடுகளில் தமிழர் பரவலும் கலாச்சாரக் கூறுகளும்

Keywords: Tamil Culture, South East Asian Country, Tamil Cultural Elements


Sangam literature and archeological studies today suggest that the ancient Tamils had trade relations with the western countries like Greece and Latin countries. Similarly, they had maritime communication with East Asian countries. This contact and cultural spread was easy because South East Asian countries are located directly east of Tamil Nadu. The continuous tradition of maritime and seafaring activity has resulted in the spread of the Tamil people over a number of scattered regions. Wherever they have gone they have carried with them their love of language and their social and cultural activities and the continuing attachment to these traditions has kept alive the emotional loyalty to Tamil Nadu from which they originated and made them feel part of an international community linked by the bonds of Tamil culture. This article briefly explains the migration of Tamils in South Eastern countries and the impact of Tamils in those countries.

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