Personality Thoughts in Thirukkural

திருக்குறளில் ஆளுமைச் சிந்தனைகள்

Keywords: Valluvam, Thiruvalluvar, Personality, Freud, Ulagappodumarai


Madurai Thirukkural Manimozhiyan, who praises Thiruvalluvar as “Thamizhan Thirukulam Thamizh Thaai Thiruvazhil Thamizh Thiruvalluvanar – Kiliye Thamizh Piranthaaraadi” – says Madurai Thirukkural Manimozhiyan. Bharathiar, the great poet of the twentieth century, endorses this. As Prof. Thaninayagadigal puts it, “Valluvar has written his book in a manner that is suitable for the benefit of all the world and all people, without any reference to Tamil or Tamil country. The poet who lived centuries ago did not give place to narrow thoughts like caste, religion, race, language, color etc. Valluvam is celebrated as Ulagapodumarai. Let us see the personality thoughts in this book.

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