Impact of Humor Advertising Appeals on Consumer Purchase Intention in Vaniyambadi Town

  • S.P. Sathiyaneela Assistant Professor, PG and Research Department of Commerce, Islamiah Women’s Arts & Science College, Vaniyambadi
Keywords: Advertising, Humor Appeal, Consumer Desire to Purchase


The study aims to ascertain the relationship between the humor in ads and customer purchase decisions. In order to control consumers’ purchasing inclinations nowadays, all firms employ a range of advertising appeals in their advertisements. The researcher used convenience sampling procedures; for data collection in this study, percentages were used, and the chi-square test was performed for analysis. Theoretical information was acquired through publications, books, and earlier scholars. Finding out the benefits and relationships between humor in advertising and purchase intention is the major objective of this study. This study examined how humor in advertising influences customers’ propensity to purchase, and it found that comedy in the advertisement had a stronger impact on consumers’ purchasing decisions.

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