Problems and Prospects of Tribal Women Entrepreneurs in Kalahandi District of Odisha

  • Rinki Majhi Research Scholar, Kalinga Institute of Social Science (KISS-DU), Odisha, India
  • Binita Nanda Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Kalinga Institute of Social Science (KISS-DU), Odisha, India
Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Tribal Women, Opportunities, Challenges, Job Prospects, Rural and Economic Progress


In many developing countries, women are typically expected to contribute to the financial stability of their families only when it’s absolutely necessary. The less affluent the family, the more reliant they are on the income earned by women. It is crucial to make efforts to increase job opportunities to empower impoverished women to generate income. Numerous initiatives and programs have been initiated to encourage self-employment among women. In this context, it is essential to emphasize the promotion of women’s entrepreneurship, regardless of their educational background. Various government agencies at the state and central levels, as well as non-governmental organizations, are actively involved in advancing entrepreneurship among women. The prevalence of women-owned businesses is on a sharp rise in nearly every country. In developed nations, women are widely recognized and hold prominent positions in the business world. However, women entrepreneurs in Odisha are encountering substantial challenges, including social and personal barriers, marketing obstacles, financial constraints, and production issues. Moreover, tribal women entrepreneurs face even more complex issues as times change. These additional challenges can be elaborated upon, including limited knowledge and experience, inadequate transportation infrastructure, liquidity and financial difficulties, low levels of education, a reluctance to take risks, a lack of self-confidence, a lack of ambition, family commitments, and financial constraints. Choosing the correct business opportunity for a venture can yield substantial rewards in the future. Initiating women-led businesses in tribal regions of Odisha can contribute to the enhancement of socio-economic conditions within these tribal areas. This paper aims to delve into the issue of fostering entrepreneurship among tribal women in Odisha and propose practical solutions to enhance the current state of tribal affairs. Additionally, it aims to align with the existing policy framework of the state for the betterment of the overall societal well-being.

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