The African Identity – Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart

  • D.S. Bindu Assistant Professor of English, Poompuhar College, Melaiyur
Keywords: Rejuvenate, Igbo, Racist, Colonization, Ideology


Achebe’s Things Fall Apartis a demonstration that the African people were not ignorant as misinterpreted by the Europeans.Achebe wished to assert the strength of his people’s past which gradually developed into a cultural conflict when Africa was colonized.He rejuvenates the Igbo culture and tradition and exposes the racist ideology of the white man. He exposes the rich past of Africa. It is this dignity that many African people lost during the colonial period and wished to regain it.The novel regenerates the traditional past, myths, religion, custom and
traditions. The novel portrays the social and cultural impact after colonization. It also provides the tradition values and the loss of the values due to the rigid norms of the society.

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