Emergence of New Women in Shashi despande’s “The Binding Vine”

  • G Rajathi M.Phil., English Literature, Sakthi College of Arts and Science for Women, Oddanchatram, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: women misery, silence, sexual oppression, Patriarchy, from despair to hope


Shashi despande is one of the prominent contemporary women writer s in India writing in English who has created cripples in the society of male domination by taking women as women seriously in her novels. She takes us inside the consciousness of her women characters to present their plight, fears, dilemmas, contradictions, ambitions and conflicts in a patriarchal society like India. Shashi despande’s feminine ideology never discards Indian native traditions and social code of conduct. She presents the healthy form of feminism that need not oppose men through her characters. Her works are most probably deal with the problems and issues of contemporary middle class women. Her heroines are sensitive, intelligent and career-oriented. She poignantly expresses the frustration and disappointments of women and describes their bitter experience in the male-dominated society. Let us see about the women sufferings and protagonist’s awareness in the novel The Binding Vine.

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