Enhancement of Language Learning Using Apps

  • X Rose Christian Jeyamalar Assistant Professor in English, Jeppiaar Engineering College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


21st century has entered a new era of education even as technology takes the world by storm. Language teaching too has evolved from grammar translation method into communicative approach which requires innovative methodologies. With advancement in technology, new inventions like mobile apps have made inroads into language learning. It facilitates expanding the learning experience within and without the classroom. The present generation is techno savvy and they are looking for learning methodologies that would suit their fast-paced lifestyle. The traditional methodology of using blackboard does not support the communication English we teach. It needs more of interaction. Though evolution has taken place in learning, language teachers are yet to attune to the new technology. There are mobile apps galore to teach languages and more are being developed for that purpose. English is a language that is universal and keeps growing. To keep pace with new words and expressions, mobile apps prove to be a great boon, This paper is to analyze the possibilities of learning through mobile apps, how effective it could be as a supplement while learning a language, and what apps are available

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