Reflection of Women’s Inner Feelings in Sri Lankan Literature through the Poet “Kamala Wijeratne”

  • M.S. Zunoomy Temporary Assistant Lecturer, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka, Oluvil, Sri Lanka
Keywords: Inner Feelings, Sri Lankan Literature, Kamala Wijeratne, Poem, Analysis of poem, Literature


Kamala Wijeratne is a well-known educationist in the field of English, and she is a famous writer in literature. She won awards for her poetry. She is considered as a gift from her mother country Sri Lanka to the field of English Literature. She has contributed to the growth of English literature by writing hundreds of poems and poetic books. She writes on aspects of Sri Lankan culture; among her poems, some of them reflect women’s inner feelings in Sri Lankan Culture. Through that kind of them, she has expressed her feelings on women’s inner feelings by exampling women and their different situations in life. According to that, the purpose of this project is to analyze the poems of women’s inner feelings, which were written by the poet Kamala Wijeratne. She has written many poems. Here this project focuses only on them related to the women’s inner feelings. Three poems of Kamala Wijeratne are selected to analyze the women’s inner feelings. These are “Farewell,” “A mother laments,” “A soldier’s wife weeps.” This study focuses on descriptive methodology to analyze the reflection of Women’s inner feelings. According to the poems, they reflect women’s inner feelings through the lines of them.

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