Learners’ Engagement in the Online Classes at the University Level in Bangladesh

Keywords: Pandemic, Online, Engagement, Perspective, Participatory


The growing pandemic situation has led the world’s education to the online platform where students’ engagement has been the prime concern of educators, teachers, and researchers. This study aims to report the level of engagement in the online classes in addition to the feeling of the teachers and students towards it. Only a few studies on students’ engagement in the university-level online classes in Bangladesh have yet been conducted. To find the in-depth perfective result, this study has used a quantitative method where one hundred and thirty-eight participants including teachers and students took part in questionnaire surveys. The questionnaires were designed to study three types of engagements like participatory, performance, and skill engagements in virtual education at the level of higher study in Bangladesh. Through a quantitative analysis, our findings show that, though the students get themselves involved in online platforms, their level of engagement varies in terms of these three types of engagements. Data also revealed that the teacher-student interaction level in the online classes is not satisfactory though it lessens the students’ anxiety level. The purpose of this study was to see the learners’ engagement and their attitudes towards online classes. The only limitation is that it is only a small and quantitative study whereas a qualitative study may help to get into more depth the result of it.

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Akanda, F., & Babu, M. (2022). Learners’ Engagement in the Online Classes at the University Level in Bangladesh. Shanlax International Journal of English, 10(4), 20-29. https://doi.org/10.34293/english.v10i4.5109