Investigating Urban Inequities: Unveiling Women’s Struggle against Discrimination in Literary Narratives through a Feminist Lens

Keywords: Urban Spaces, Women, Gender, Literature, Feminization of Poverty, Women in Literature


This scholarly investigation critically examines the nuanced challenges confronted by women in contemporary urban landscapes within the contextual framework of India. The study undertakes a comprehensive exploration of the ubiquitous discrimination encountered by women that extends beyond socioeconomic demarcations. The spectrum of challenges encompasses intricacies, such as economic disparages, societal norms, gender-based violence, and the overarching phenomenon denoted as the ‘feminization of poverty’.Within the purview of feminist analysis, this examination accentuates the imperative of recognizing and understanding the intersectionality inherent in the challenges confronting women in urban environments. The study underscores the interwoven nature of diverse forms of discrimination, shedding light on the complex interplay of factors that contribute to the perpetuation of gender-based disparities in urban settings. The socioeconomic underpinnings of discrimination are discerned through an exploration of economic disparities prevalent in urban spaces. This inquiry delves into the systemic barriers that impede women’s access to economic opportunities and financial resources, elucidating how such disparities contribute to the perpetuation of gender-based inequalities. Societal norms, as a focal point of analysis, are interrogated for their role in reinforcing discriminatory practices against women. The study scrutinizes the prevailing cultural and social norms that perpetuate gender roles and expectations, elucidating their impact on shaping the experiences of women in urban contexts. A paramount consideration in this analysis is the examination of gender-based violence as a pervasive manifestation of discrimination within urban settings. The research delves into the various forms of violence inflicted upon women, ranging from physical and psychological abuse to systemic and institutionalized forms of gender-based discrimination. Through this exploration, the study elucidates the deleterious effects of such violence on the overall well-being and agency of women in urban environments. The concept of the feminization of poverty is critically evaluated as a theoretical framework that encapsulates the gendered dimensions of poverty prevalent among women in urban locales. This examination contextualizes the multifaceted ways in which poverty disproportionately affects women, delineating the intricate relationship between economic deprivation and gender-based disparities. This academic endeavor therefore underscores the necessity of adopting a feminist lens to comprehensively analyze and address the challenges faced by women in contemporary urban settings in India. By highlighting the intersectionality of these challenges, the study seeks to contribute to an enhanced understanding of the complex dynamics that underscore women’s experiences in urban environments. Moreover, the research emphasizes the resilience and collective agency demonstrated by women in their concerted efforts to reshape urban spaces towards inclusivity and empowerment.

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Sanyal, S. (2024). Investigating Urban Inequities: Unveiling Women’s Struggle against Discrimination in Literary Narratives through a Feminist Lens. Shanlax International Journal of English, 12(2), 64-71.