Public and Private Investment in Indian Agriculture – An Analysis

  • T K Venkatesha Assistant Professor of Economics, Vidyavardhaka First Grade College, Mysore, Karnataka, India
Keywords: Agriculture Sector, Public and Private Investment


An attempt is made in this paper is to analyse the public and private investment in Indian agriculture in the country. The significant transformation over the past few decades has been viewed by Indian Agriculture. From new entries into the sector to new and improved technologies, farming became more mechanised, weather, soil and environmental changes, new markets and demand, and most importantly agriculture developing gradually from just a way of life to an involved into business, agribusiness, the changes are ranged. Unfortunately, these changes have not been accompanied by changes in the institutional and policy front. Even in instances where they have not necessarily been followed by variations on the organisational and institutional fronts where the amendments have been introduced on the policy front. This disconnect has reduced the growth potential of this vital sector.

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