Redefining the Identity in Sea of Poppies

  • M Nivedhaa Research Scholar
  • MR Chandran Associate Professor of English, Saraswathi Narayanan College, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Identity, Identity crisis, Alienation, Colonial impact, Belongingness, Amitav Ghosh


This article is an attempt to recount the specific concern on identity of Amitav Ghosh. Several constraints such as alienation, struggle for existence, dilemma of dual identity, sense of belonging and nostalgia that have been exemplified through the well-defined characters of his novels. Sea of Poppies is the novel selected for the study of colonial impact on identity based on culture and society. He has scrutinized the causes of the occurrence of identity crisis and the sense of being ‘othered’ by colonial society. This novel throws light on the individuals who lose their identity because of the cultural change and the constant oppression. Throughout the novel, the writer traces the lack of belongingness of the people in their own country. Considering, redefining the identity and re-establishing the self, the novel reflects on the people’s will power and ability to overcome the crisis. This article focuses on characters in Sea of Poppies belonging to different levels of the society that suffers from the personality dilemma.

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