The Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Human Resource Management (HRM)

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Human Resource Management, Innovation, Human Intelligence


The purpose of this study is to examine the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in human resource management (HRM). In today’s globalised environment, traditional methods of conducting business are being put to the test. There may not be any local competitors at this time, but as technology shrinks the world, firms must compete on a worldwide scale on a regular basis. This means that accepting these new mechanical advances is critical for a company to stay current and maintain a competitive advantage. Employee training, enrolment, representative interactions, and the organization’s success are all covered under HRM. People serve as a reservoir of information and skills that each organisation may and should tap into. As a result, matriculation has grown increasingly crucial in recent years for hiring and keeping these types of individuals. The enrollment contact, through which all of this value is gathered, is the way to go because Human Resource (HR) is so vital to the organisation. The enrolling phase used to be longer and more time-consuming, meaning a lot of administrative work for the spotters; but, as online enrolment has become more widespread, this has begun to change. In this paper, the various uses and benefits of using Artificial Intelligence into Human Resource Management are examined.

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