Passive Solar Technology and its Techniques

Keywords: Renewable, Eco Friendly, Louvers, Direct Heat, Thermal Mass


Passive solar technique is which converts the natural energy into usable energy resources. The passive solar energy is the sunlight that is been got directly or indirectly are been converted to heating or cooling purpose. This process is been effectively used all over the world for the future development. As the usage such as the solar technologies and other innovative techniques this does not involve in most of the mechanical process. Solar energy is mostly environmentally friendly and eco friendly that are blending with day to day life. The light and heat that are been got naturally are used to provide electricity that can be used in building s interior and exterior purpose. The most possible ways that the passive solar technique is that the maximum use of the windows and doors, shading devices, louvers and angular roofing are the methods that can be used for the passive solar energy techniques. The next method passive solar heating is also an technique that makes or traps the heat and saves the heat in any part of building based on the required material. This allows heat that is needed at required times during different weather conditions the passive solar technique plays an important role during different climatic conditions. During the summer season it prevents the direct heat entering the building and can be reduced based on growth of the plant such as shrubs and creeper plants. During the winter season it emits the heat to the entire building such as the material been used such as concrete, thermal mass material ,stone slabs, these have more emitting power and makes the entire place more warm and heat. Most of the application techniques and methods will be studied later with following research ideas.

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