Graceful Movements of Sound in Music

Keywords: Gamakas, Movements, Tholkaappiam, Ezhuthaadhikaaram, Asai, Yaapparungala Viruthi, Nerasai, Niraiasai, Silappaadhikaaram, Isaikkaranam


The Graceful movements of swaras (Sounds) are called “Gamakas” in Karnatic Music. Gamakas are the important factors whch has great role in Indian Music. They represent the Melodic Character of a Raga and create a Musical effect to that Raga. The Ancient Tamil Grammer Tholkaappiam says that Lengthening of a Letter which is originated from the Vocal Chord is Music. In one of the main chapter Ezhuthadikaaram it confirms the sub- division “Asai” forms the Basis for Gamakas. Depending upon the Graceful movements that is Asai in Tamil Gamakas varieties are derived.

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