Determination of Performance Variables from Selected Anthropometric and Biomotor Variables among Basketball Players

  • G. Raghavan Director of Physical Education, Mannar Thirumalai Naicker College, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Biomotor, Grip strength, Agility, Grip Dynamometer, Dribbling


The purpose of the study was determination of performance variables from selected anthropometric and biomotor variables among basketball players. For the purpose of the study, thirty female basketball players were selected as subjects. The age of the subjects was ranged from 17 to 25 years. For this study, Dribbling and Passing were selected as performance variables. Height, Arm length, and Leg length were selected as anthropometric variables where as Speed, Agility and Grip strength were selected as Biomotor variables. The data was collected from the dependent and independent variables and the collected data was analyzed by Pearson product moment correlation and Multiple correlation to find out the relationship between dependent and independent variables separately and whole. Based on the results, it was concluded that significant relationships were found between dribbling performance and speed, agility grip strength separately and between passing performance and grip strength. Moreover, there was a significant relationships found between dribbling and passing performances and combined effect of anthropometric and biomotor variables namely height, arm length, leg length speed, agility and grip strength.

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