Tyāgarāja – Pancharatnam

Keywords: GanaRāgās, Tristhāyi, Gamakās, Yathis, Thānam, Mudrā


Like the precious stones Ruby, Diamond, Sapphire, Emerāld, , Amethyst, this Pancharatna Kritis of Tyāgarāja are excellent in Rāgabhāva , Sahityabhāva, and Devotion. They feciliate Mass Singing. These Panchratna’s are constructed in 5 Gana Ragas which are in praise of Lord Rama with divine Music and Literary excellence. Tyāgarāja stands foremost with this marvelous contribution. His Life is an epitome of the excellence of nobility and virtue and these Pancharatna’s conveys all fully .These Pancharatna’s are the most wonderful representative of Tyāgarāja’s contribution as a composer. Rendering these Pancharatna’s in large numbers enhances atmospheric peace and Tranquility among people.