Study on Enrolment and Attitudes of Parents towards Private Schools

Keywords: Attitude, Academic Achievement, Education, Private Schools, Teachers


The degree to which parents support their children’s education affects the child’s academic performance and attendance at school. Presently it has been observed that many private schools are mushrooming in the capital complex of Arunachal Pradesh which reflects that its demand is increasing. Many parents also believed that private schools have more facilities, better teaching staff and infrastructure. In the light of these, this study attempts to understand the attitude of the parents towards private schools and the reasons why parents chose to send their children in private schools rather than in government schools. Results revealed that the parents whose ward is attending private school possessed a highly positive attitude towards the private school and there was growth in enrolment of private school over the years. Therefore, school attendance and academic achievement of the children are significantly influenced by the parents’ supportive attitude towards their education.

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