Assessment of Engraving on Plaster and its Designs in Herat

Keywords: Plastering, Herat, Ghowr Era, Timor Era, Cotemporary Era


The craft and art of plastering has played an important role in internal and external spaces of historical and modern constructive components. This elegant industry is always flaunted on walls and ceilings to take part in decoration of the monument. Plastering is another field of decorative, which is used along with other kinds of decorative arts such as tile, sculpture and woodcarving, that are often over seen in modern and classic buildings nowadays. Goal: The assessment is on cornice engraving methods and its designs in Herat Buildings and complexes. This article stated various methods of engraving on gypsum, as well as designs applied by this art and craft in Herat buildings in a clear and comprehensive way. The research method is based on library and field studies. In library methods the focus is on using of authentic scientific reference books and field studies methods is an emphasis on observation and taking photos of gypsum decorations by the researcher, applied on modern and classic buildings of Herat. And finally the results of the study show that art and craft of plastering in Herat buildings and complexes has been applied in various positions by different methods while containing variable decorative elements.

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