An Investigation into Learning Style of Higher Secondary School Students in Namakkal District

  • T Mahendran Assistant Professor, KSR College of Education, Tiruchengode, Namakkal, Tamil Nadu, India
  • V Sankar Assistant Professor, KSR College of Education, Tiruchengode, Namakkal, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Learning Styles, High School Students, Educational Performance, Demographic Factors, Gender, Language of Education, School Location, School Type, Management Type, Learning Style Survey, Educational Research


This evaluation shows the academic performance of high school students in Namakwa district. It attempts to determine the relationship between educational models and educational success, as well as various demographic factors such as gender, language of instruction, location of the school, type of management and school category. In this study, The Learning Style Inventory developed by Dr. Devashayam Selvakumar was used. In 2003, used five items to measure participants’ interest in learning. The study aims to show the importance of differences between the subjects of different groups of people through a theoretical analysis. The results show that the initial academic standards of high school students are average. More importantly, the analysis revealed gender differences in academic standards, with male students scoring higher than female students. Additionally, students from urban environments showed better academic scores compared to students from rural areas. Differences between school type and control were also clear; Female students in coeducational and public schools reported higher academic scores. This study encourages the expansion of education in different areas and at different ages and recommends the inclusion of different courses outside high school, such as teacher training. In order to better understand students’ learning patterns, it
is recommended to repeat this study in different regions and expand the sample. 

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