The Profile of Young Diverse Learners in Academic Background: A Scoping Review based on Social Intelligence

  • G Panneerselvam Faculty in Mathematics (Contract), Department of Education, National Institute of Technology Puducherry, Karaikal, India
Keywords: Social Intelligence, Diverse Learners, Social Identities, Disabled Learners


An essential element in a learner’s educational development is social intelligence. It gives us the ability to know ourselves and others, and is as essential an aspect of experience as the ability to perceive things. The main focus of this review study is social intelligence in relation to the academic background and personal identity (diversity or social identity) of young and diverse learners. This review focuses on the social intelligence of learners; their behavior patterns, gender, socio-economic status, parental profile, socio-economic status, and their ethnic background and especially the social intelligence of learners with disabilities. This allows educators to help learners with social intelligence disadvantages develop healthy interactions with their peers. Even though many studies have been conducted on the social intelligence of learners with various personal identities, but this study uniquely supports the social intelligence of young learners with emphasis on demographic characteristics. Overall, strategies for maintaining healthy social intelligence can be developed to meet the individual needs of learners. This strategy also addresses the identified issues, taking into account the different needs of the learners. This study result will reveals a crisp and concept clarity on the basis of social intelligence of young learners, induces the young community to pass over their schooling with sound knowledge with the assistance of authorities.

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