Countering the Hate Design - Facilitating Peace and Harmony

Keywords: Communal Harmony, Communalism, Compassion, Police, Riots


Communal riots generally happen due to the previous existence of a communal ideology in the society. The hard-core communalists are hate mongers who, by their fiery speeches and provocative statements create a situation which is very conducive for riots o break. The role of the police during communal riots has not been found to be very satisfactory. But, in spite of all odds, there have been people, bodies and organisations which have exhibited compassion and courage during riots and have saved the lives of people. Such people and organisations are role-models who need to be emulated. In riots, the leadership of the police is very crucial. The Indian Police Service officers need to exhibit more of courage, boldness and grit in helping the poor and the victims of riots. A new riot control culture has to develop. The responsibility of maintaining communal harmony lies with all sections of people and organisations. Each of us need to contribute our might to combat the design of Hate and facilitate Peace and Harmony.

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