Paththuppaattu in Classicism View

செவ்வியல் நோக்கில் பத்துப்பாட்டு

  • M Sankar Assistant Professor, Department of Tamil, Sri Kalisawri College (Autonomous), Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Classical literature, Sangam Literature, Ten Idylls


Government of Tamil Nadu established the classical character of Tamil. Tamil Language is ancient; Rich in many literary grammars; The classical merit of Tamil has been proved by the collaboration of various scholars as traditional. Today 41 texts are listed by the Government of Tamil Nadu as classically deserving. Decimals have a unique, special place in that list. Because kings or vultures are the leaders of the song. The researcher is of the opinion that the texts (Ten Idylls) must have been song by royal poets. Nevertheless, the tenth is a repository of ancient Tamil culture, both internal and external. This article seeks to explore Ten Idylls by presenting an explanation of classics and classical qualifications.

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