Conduct a Brief Investigation on Social Media Marketing and its Impact on Customer Behavior in The Modern Era

Keywords: Social Media, Customer, Marketing, Applications, Business, Technology, Information, Etc.


Social media has been pervasive in latest days, with the most prominent applications being social networking, sharing of content, & web accessibility. As social media networking websites become more popular, the number of smartphone subscribers grows exponentially. This social networking platform is a crucial tool for connecting with families, friends, and coworkers. People utilize technologies such as audio combination, video combination, and so on to share data with others in formats such as video, audio, text, and etc. As a result, most firms use social networking sites as a technique to increase brand recognition among the customers. Organizations may now communicate out to targeted customers simply, efficiently, and instantaneously thanks to social media marketing. Aside from that, social media marketing has a number of obstacles in the area. This article discusses the benefits and drawbacks of social media marketing in the modern day. This article will go over the importance of social media marketing and how it affects customer behavior. It will cover topical issues, innovative technology, the environment, and other topics related to social media marketing. This study also discusses elements influencing the success of targeted customers, brand image, & social impact in today’s environment.