A Study on Customer Satisfaction and Perception of Online Banking Services in Salem District

Keywords: Online Banking, Reliability, Credibility, Security, Convenience, Satisfaction Level and Accuracy


In our bustling lives, we are in a test of skill and endurance consistently. Everybody really must attempt to carve out ways of saving opportunity. One of the innovative headways that empowers clients to go through with their monetary exchanges from a retail or mechanized bank, credit association, or other monetary foundation on a protected stage is web based banking. Internet banking, likewise alluded to as electronic banking, is the advanced appropriation of crisp banking services and products to clients straightforwardly through electronic, intuitive contact organizations. It gives clients many advantages and qualities over customary banking. Internet banking is a speedy and simple method for getting cell phone admittance to your bank whenever. Web based financial purposes the web for of circulating monetary exchanges. With regards to getting everyday things done, bank moves are a relic of past times thanks to internet banking services. One of the most popular services presented by banks is internet banking, which makes it a truly dependable stage. Banks regularly utilize encryption frameworks to ensure the security of all client information and the shortfall of information breaks. Eventually, it shields against online extortion and record control. The pace of web access, the new web based financial elements, and the recurrence of internet banking utilize all influence how rapidly internet banking creates in every country. At the point when the tasks of banks and monetary organizations are joined with data innovation, web based banking is made in the banking sector. Hence, the present paper has been aimed to give an analytical view on customer satisfaction and preference on online banking services in Salem district.

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