A Study on the Prospects and Problems Faced by Women Entrepreners in Kerala After Covid-19 Pandamic

  • Aswathy M V Assistant Professor, St. Aloysius College, Elthuruth, Thrissur
Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Women, COVID-19


Women’s skills and knowledge, their talents and abilities in business and compelling desire of wanting to do something positive are some of the reasons for the women entrepreneurs to organize industries. Empowering women in entrepreneurship leads to break the inequalities and reduce the poverty. The purpose of the study is to explore and determine the problems faced by women entrepreneurs like financial problems, economic problems etc. The study also aims to understand the prospects of women entrepreneurs and what are the various motivational factors influence them to start their businesss and also make an evaluaton regards government support activities. The study is limited only to women entreprenuers of selected groups in Thrissur distict. The information was collected from 100 entreprenuers during 2022 to 2022 .The important factor which influnced the selection of Thrissur district was the familiarity with the study area of the researcher to the women entreprenuers and familiarity with the people. These factors made rapport building and data collection reliable and easy. The main objective of the study is to determine the various problems faced by women entrepreneurs and also to detrmine their satisfaction level of entrepreneurship. Questionaire and shedule is used as data collection tool. It includes demographic profile, influencing factors and the major problems faced by women entreprenurs.

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