Rural and Urban Consumer Behavior Towards Consumer Durable and Non-Durable Products: A Comparative Study in Vellore District

  • R. Dharmaraj Head, PG and Research Department of Commerce, Sri Bharathi Women’s Art’s and Science College, Kunnathur, Arni, Tamil Nadu, India
  • M. Amudha Ph. D. Research Scholar, PG and Research Department of Commerce, Sri Bharathi Women’s Art’s and Science College, Kunnathur, Arni, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Consumer Behavior, Durable Products, Non-Durable Products, Rural Consumers, Urban Consumers, Comparative Study, Vellore District


This study investigates and compares the consumer behavior towards both durable and non-durable products in the context of rural and urban settings within Vellore District. Through a comprehensive analysis, the research aims to uncover distinctive patterns, preferences, and factors influencing consumer choices in these two environments. The findings contribute to a deeper understanding of the dynamics shaping consumer behavior, providing valuable insights for businesses and policymakers seeking to address the diverse needs of both rural and urban markets. Purchaser behavior is an enormous and complex subject. The purchaser, essentially a market influencer, determines the future of associations. Understanding the approach and actions of clients is not a simple task, making it impossible to expect a complete understanding of customer behavior. Consequently, consumers play an increasingly crucial role in today’s marketing and business activities. Every business relies on its customers and invests significant effort in attracting and facilitating deals for them. This is primarily due to intense competition in the market, leading entrepreneurs to develop various strategies to cater to a diverse customer base as the retail market expands. Consumer behavior is dynamic, varying from situation to situation, opportunity to opportunity, customer to customer, and item to item. Therefore, marketers need to grasp customer behavior in different regions and formulate distinct strategies to attract purchasers. Numerous researchers have conducted a considerable number of studies on this subject, although the current review focuses on a smaller scale. Furthermore, there is a necessity for a separate program for each aspect of the buyer. Consequently, the purpose of this investigation is to explore and analyze the customer behavior of rural and metropolitan customers toward both solid and non-solid products in Vellore, Tamil Nadu.

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