The Cause of the Dalits: An Analysis of Kalyan Rao’s Untouchable Spring

  • G Varadarajulu Ph.D. Research Scholar, Department of English and Communications, Dravidian University, Kuppam, Andhra Pradesh, India
Keywords: Dalits, cultural, identity, Revolutionary, resistance, subaltern


During a time of advancement in science, innovation, and culture, no noteworthy change has been found in the lives of Dalits (untouchables) in India. Social, monetary, and cultural existence of Dalits has not changed since the pre-historic. Dalit literary movement and development, which had begun in the early part of the twentieth century, has been a branch of the abuse of Dalits by the upper caste positions. Through literary works, they have been attempting to protect their sense of pride, identity, personality, and heritage/ legacy of their locale. Untouchable Spring by Kalyan Rao is a novel that also can be called as a verifiable archive that represents the situation of Dalits in a post-independence time. The novelist G. KalyanRao, a Dalit, who trusts and believes in the progressive philosophy and revolutionary ideology, depicts the lives of Dalit Christians and their mortification in the hands of caste Hindus. It likewise features how they “find their mankind through resistance.” The paper goes for giving historiography of the denied more than several generations and ages for the rise of powerful voice in subaltern writing.

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Varadarajulu, G. (2019). The Cause of the Dalits: An Analysis of Kalyan Rao’s Untouchable Spring. Shanlax International Journal of English, 7(4), 38-42.