One Day International Conference on "Recent Trends in Digital Humanities: A Focus on Language and Literature"

Digital humanities is an interdisciplinary field that leverages digital tools, techniques, and methodologies to analyse, interpret, and explore the vast corpus of humanistic data, including literature, historical texts, and cultural artifacts. In the context of English studies, digital humanities holds significant importance. It enables scholars and researchers to engage with literary and linguistic texts in innovative ways, such as text mining and analysis, sentiment analysis, and data visualization, allowing for new insights into literary trends, linguistic patterns, and authorship attribution. It also promotes collaborative research and the digitization of rare or fragile texts, making them accessible to a wider audience. In addition, digital humanities enhances the teaching of English & Indian languages and literatures, offering interactive platforms, digital archives, and tools for text-based activities that enrich the learning experience. In essence, digital humanities enriches the study of English by providing new methodologies and resources, ultimately expanding our understanding of this rich and diverse field.

The one day international conference on "Recent Trends in Digital Humanities: A Focus on Language and Literature" aims to bring together scholars, educators, and practitioners from around the world to explore the multifaceted landscape of digital humanities. This interdisciplinary forum will provide a platform for discussing the transformative potential of digital tools and methodologies in the realms of research, teaching, and practical applications in English Studies and studies in Indian languages and literatures. Participants will delve into the prospects and opportunities that digital humanities offer for advancing knowledge, fostering innovative pedagogical approaches, and addressing real-world challenges. The conference will also critically examine the challenges and ethical considerations that arise in this digital era. It will foster dialogue and collaboration to chart the future of digital humanities, making it an indispensable gathering for anyone invested in the intersection of technology and the humanities.

Vol. 12 No. S1-Dec (2023): Recent Trends in Digital Humanities: A Focus on Language and Literature
Published: 2023-12-14