Refund and Cancellation Policy


  • For cancellation / withdrawal purposes, Authors must send the details to our email ID:
  • The Authors must give cancellation / withdrawal requests only.
  • Cancellation / withdrawal request time does not exceed more than ten working days after the submission of the article.
  • After getting your details through our email ID, we will get back to you within two business days.
  • Articles found to be plagiarized during initial stages of review are out-rightly rejected and not considered for publication in the journal


  • Article Submission Fee (ASF) is non-refundable in case the article is rejected / declined or withdrawan by the author(s) at any step of evaluation/publication. 
  • Please note that paying the ASF affects neither the evaluation process of the article nor priority.
  • ASF is not a publication fee nor it guarantees the acceptance/publication of the article. Each article should undergo a rigorous double blind peer-review after the submission.