Determinants of Passenger Satisfaction on Service Quality in Southern Railways with Reference to Madurai Division

Keywords: Satisfaction, Southern Railways, Madurai Division, Passengers Perceptions, Quality of Service


This study analyzes the satisfaction of customers (passengers) on the examination given by southern railways concerning the Madurai division. For this foundation, the factors affirmation, tangibles, timeliness, responsiveness, information system, concern, food and safety, reliability, and security were employed to measure the passenger’s perceptions about the service quality of railways. The customers are limited to the Madurai junction and they are selected on a random basis. The core intention of the study is to know about the perception of customers towards service provided by southern railways and to implement a linear regression model to know about the factors influencing customer satisfaction. For this purpose, a sample of 500 questionnaires was collected were frequency analysis, chi-square with cross-tabulation, factor analysis, ANOVA, multiple regression model and descriptive statistics were used as statistical tools for analyzing the data. The study brings to a close that civilizing the quality of service is one of the ways to progress the competitiveness of Railway Passenger Business. 

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