Corporate Performance Measurement Tool via Economic Value Added

  • S.B. Sathiya Moorthi Department of Commerce, Sacred Heart College of Arts and Science, Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Economic Value Added, Corporate Performance


Execution estimation matters in the present complicated business field independent of the sort, nature, and volume variety in business. On the off chance that the consequence of the exhibition estimation turns out badly because of the broken or erroneous determination of tool(s), at that point, the all-out cycle will refute in due time henceforth an endeavor to assess Economic Value Added (EVA) as an option in contrast to conventional execution measure. For the most part, it is accepted that EVA is intended for giant organizations and is the best exhibition measure. The potential favorable circumstances, openings and constraints of utilizing EVA as an exhibition estimation instrument are examined to energize the clients/perusers to consolidate EVA with their present arrangement to receive the likely rewards from it.

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