An Extensive Study on Logistics Providers in FSCM using AHP Technique

  • Siddharth Jadhav Scholar, Department of Lean Operations & System CHRIST (deemed to be) University
  • Papri Ray PhD Scholar, Garden City University Bangalore, Karnataka, India Assistant Professor, Department of Lean Operations & System CHRIST (Deemed to be) University
  • R Duraipandian Professor, School of Commerce & Management Garden City University, Bangalore, Karnataka
Keywords: Logistics providers, Leadtime, variables, AHP


The growth of the Logistics business has caused many firms from different industries to enter the field. A logistics provider is an external provider who manages, controls, and delivers logistics activities maintains warehouse and other necessities on behalf of a supplier. They collect outbound shipments from manufacturers & consolidates shipments in their distribution centres and delivers to the customers through an effective routing of transport. Lead time is the most repetitive risk faced by the logistics providers and hence bench marking the major focused variables is must. This results in lowering the uncertainty in Leadtime. Researchers have spoken about challenges faced in evaluating the process. This research indents to identify the variables which are considered for the evaluation process of the operations of logistics providers. A primary survey will be conducted using the identified variables and then subjected to Analytical Hierarchy Process to funnel down the major focused variables. These variables will be benchmarked and be considered as standard variables which will cause a direct impact on the daily operations and result in variation in profitability. This paper will give a clear perspective regarding the evaluation of Logistics providers and their various policies incorporated

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