The Impact of McGregor’s Theory X/Y on the Level of Job Satisfaction of Teachers and Principals

  • Tandin Wangdi Vice Principal, Chumigthang Middle Secondary School, Chhukha, Bhutan
  • Sonam Tobgay Principal, Rangjung Higher Secondary School, Tashigang, Bhutan
Keywords: Management Theory, Leadership, Job Satisfaction


The school performances and staff wellbeing are centered on the efficacy of a principal. The various leadership styles and managerial mindsets of the members of an organization has impacted the overall outcome. Therefore, the purpose of this paper was to investigate the impact of McGregor’s theory X/Y mindset on the level of job satisfaction of the school teachers (n=140), vice principal (n=5) and principal (n=5) in Bhutanese schools. The results indicated that the participants were mostly theory Y oriented and it was positively related to job satisfaction. In addition, the experiences and level of education has insignificant impact on the theory X/Y mindset which calls for deliberated leaderships programs and extensive appraisals to change the managerial beliefs of the individuals.

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