Factor Influencing the Digital Marketing Platform Preference in Management Educational Institutions

  • Prakasha T M Research Scholar, International School of Management Excellence, Bangalore, Affiliated to University of Mysore
  • Vijaya Baskaran R Research Supervisor, International School of Management Excellence Bangalore, Affiliated to University of Mysore
Keywords: Digital Marketing Platform, Reachability, Cost Effectiveness, Conversion Rate, Competitor Analysis, Data Threat


Purpose: This paper aims to examine the factor influencing the digital marketing platform preference in the management educational institutions, and to create a conceptual model to understand the relationship between the factors.
Design/Methodology/Approach: Factors influencing the digital marketing platform preferences were identified based on extensive literature review and empirical investigation has been carried out using the survey data collected from 217 colleges in and around the state of Karnataka.
Findings: The variables, Reachability (R), Competitor Analysis (CA), Cost Effectiveness (CE), and Conversion Rate (CR) have shown positive impact and, the variable Data Threat (DT) have shown a negative impact on intuitions’ overall digital platform preference.
Research limitations/implications: The research result could help the management educational institutions to understand the factor influencing and to make an optimum investment in digital marketing.
Future research is needed to determine if other cities to conduct the factor influence the digital marketing platform and whether other samples produce the same interpretations.

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