Expansion of E-Learning Market in India Due to Global Pandemic

  • Nancy Sharma PGDM Student, International School of Management Excellence
  • Dr Raja Sankaran International School of Management Excellence
Keywords: E-Learning, Perceived Usefulness, Habit, Trust


Purpose: The purpose of the study was to examine the factors that are responsible for the expansion of e-learning market in India due to global pandemic. For this study, four factors, namely, Perceived Usefulness, Perceived Ease of Use, Habit and Trust were used to determine the behavioral intention of the students using e-learning platforms.
Methodology/Approach: An online survey was conducted to collect data from 180 students using e-learning platforms in India after global pandemic. IBM SPSS was used in order to test the conceptual model and to validate and statistically analyze the results.
Findings: The factor Perceived Usefulness was found to be significant on Behavioral Intention, whereas Perceived Ease of Use, Habit and Trust were found to be not significant.
Implications: Educational technology organizations and various other e-learning platforms can use the results from the research study in order to improvise their existing strategy and to attract a greater number of schools or college institutions to adopt e-learning as a part of their curriculum in India.

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