Impact of Digital Divide on Digital Banking Services Rendered by the Banks of India

  • Pooja Yadav SOMC, K R Mangalam University, Gurgaon, India
Keywords: Digital Divide, Customer’s Perception, Digital Services, Digital Banking, Commercial Banks


Purpose: To study the impact of Digital divide on the Bank’s Digital services in India. In this study we’ve investigated the reasons leading to the Digital divide and the measures to bridging up the Digital Gap. To study the effect caused by the Digital Divide on the Indian Economy.
Methodology: The study is built on a mixed approach, which incorporates Literature Review and Opinions of both Academicians & Industrialists. The data has been collected through authenticated sources only.
Major Findings: The study has found that the Digital divide is a gap which arises due to the following reasons: different initial settings of countries, differences in societies, weak access to Information and Communication Technologies, weak access to information and knowledge. Here are some effects of Digital Divide on economy, weak development and growth, asymmetric and lost knowledge, lower ability to manage knowledge, lower ability to innovate.

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