Understanding the Success of Global Non-Profit Organisations

  • Arijit Chatterjee BBA Student, International School of Management Excellence
  • Dr Raja Sankaran Professor, International School of Management Excellence
Keywords: NPO, Sustainability, Culture, Strategy, Business Model


Purpose: The study’s goal was to examine the factors influencing the success of global NPOs. In this study, five factors, namely, People, Business Model, Operations, Strategy and Culture were used to determine the sustainability of the Nonprofit Organization.
Methodology/ Approach: A pilot study was conducted with a sample of 10 active members of one global non-profit, namely AIESEC, from India. IBM SPSS was used to test the reliability of the instrument. IBM SPSS will be used to test the conceptual model and to validate and statistically analyse the results.
Findings: At this stage, we have done a pilot study with 10 samples to validate the instrument. Subsequently, the data collection will be done in the next three months. And the analysis will be performed in order to find the significance of the factors.
Implications: Non-profit organisations are playing an important role in societal benefit, and hence their sustainability is essential. Any global NPO can use the results from the study to strategise and ensure their long term existence.

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