Glass Ceiling for Women: Does it Exist in the Modern Environment

  • Dr. R. Parvathi VET First Grade College, Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Shruti Khemshetty VET First Grade College, Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Tanuja .H VET First Grade College, Bangalore, Karnataka
Keywords: Glass Ceiling, Women Managerial Position, Barriers


In the modern era the word "glass ceiling" refers to a barrier where the qualified women or the minorities from obtaining senior positions in the organization. In the ancient days or in a traditional world “a women place is at home”. where now also some of the women think that their duties is only for the household they can’t go out as men and work where they have restricted themselves in looking after their children and family. They don’t know that the women can do they think themselves as weak and they are not trying to go to the modern world and work equally as men.The need of any corporation is responsible for the corporate environment where to attaining efficiency for the competitive benefit. Women play a significant role where company face on empowering women. The finding of the study is all about the level of the glass ceiling for women still exist in the modern environment of the society. The result of the study would provide a stop perception of the women empowerment within the Companies.

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