The Pros & Cons of Business Innovation at IT Organizations

  • Geetha Swaminathan Manager, Cognizant Technology Solution, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Information Technology (IT), Internet of things(IoT), Creative Problem Solving (CPS), Deoxyribonucleic acid,(DNA), USP(Unique selling proposition), R&D(Research & development)


In the 21st Century, the buzzword is often used in all fields is “Innovation". It is no wonder using Innovation in day to the conversation as well as striving for innovation execution at organisations in Information Technology (IT) sectors. When we need to talk about innovation in IT sectors in the fast-moving technology IT organisations, they are in a position in increasing its capability in its innovative product and services. There is a lot of benefits out of business innovations that are being reaped in IT companies; there are apparent disadvantages are also the outcome of them. It is quite common, despite all benefits and drawbacks, they are in apposition to survive in the global market. That becomes a great challenge to all IT organisations. In IT organisations which consist of departments such as Development, Testing, Consulting, Networking, Infrastructure, Process and having common platforms and legacy languages, Apart from that they are in the way of invading new technologies such as Digital, Mobile, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning Cloud computing. In all the fields, as mentioned above and area, they need to do innovation to sustain their business. This paper will provide elaborate results on Pros and Cons of Business Innovation in IT Organization.

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