Synergic Integration and Role Behavior of Employees in SME’s – A Micro Study in Shivamogga

Keywords: Synergic Integration, Extra Role Behavior, Job Involvement, Organizational Citizenship


There has empirical research evidence to believe that employees’ behavior which is beyond traditional territory of job description does contribute to the organizational effectiveness. That is why the extra role behavior is a competitive advantage and has been gaining rapid significance as an effective tool for improving organizational efficiency. In this highly competitive era, employees proactive role is of paramount necessity and the harmony among the group is a added benefit for achieving the long term success for the organization .This paper evaluates the behavior and performance of the employees which helps in achieving long term success for the business.This study is an attempt to analyze the synergic integration of the employees and proves to be a significant tool for the overall growth of the business. The paper uses multiple variables and various questionnaires to evaluate and analyze the synergic integration and extra role behavior of employees in Bpo’s.